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Under “more” we understand a full spectrum of services from a single source to support you before and after the actual construction phase. Our services for your sustainable success range from the very first idea to asset management of your building projects. Precisely which of these customized .


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You decide what you need – since with Recon Group, a custom-tailored approach to each separate phase is always possible.

Our GU+ concept for your success

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Defining goals

Each project requires a precise goal from the outset. What goal do you have for your project?

Financing models

The nature of financing mainly depends on your ultimate goals. We will help you to pinpoint those goals.

Optimization of real estate usage

Usage is closely associated with the ultimate goal of the project. Usage opportunities.

Tax concept/optimization

This is conceived based on an interplay of usage, goal definition & revenue expectations. Through this, we clarify the following questions.

Legal concept/optimization

Consistent with the tax concept, the legal framework must be adapted, in particular to, for example: the following starting positions.

Ongoing controlling

The constant companion for every project. Special attention to the following points.

General contractor+

Consistent controlling

We ensure that all projected costs associated with your project are met precisely. This includes ongoing costs, as well as sales and leasing prices, which are especially important as the basis for your commercial success. We monitor all processes in detail, so that potential problems can be recognized as early as possible and solutions found. In this way, the focus remains squarely on the goals which you have set.

The legal foundations of your success

No matter what goal you are pursuing by means of your building project, a carefully thought-through legal foundation is the catalyst for a judicious start and a profitable future. We will develop your overall taxation concept, clear contracts whether for sales or leasing, and ensure that no legal obstacles will stand in the way of the transfer of your property to the next generation.

The right use of your property

How and to what end you will utilize your project is one of the first questions you will ask yourself at the outset. We support you in making that decision and setting the direction you will take. In this way, your visions will transform – both from a taxation and business perspective – into a tangible reality – whether you are planning your own four walls, wish to lease out your property, or are already looking at selling.

The transparent definition of your goals – Where will this journey take you?

Setting a concrete course is decisive in determining the economic success of your building project. In this area, too, we are happy to support you with our comprehensive know-how. The parameters for a long-term investment are clearly differentiated from the desire to sell your property at the best possible price or to make your own personal dream home a reality. Together, we will map out the ideal path to take.

General contractor+ General contractor+ General contractor+

Choosing the right financing model

As soon as the purpose and goals of your project have been clarified, you have several options for financing your plan. Based on your goals and available assets, we will develop a customized model that is always oriented towards your requirements, keeping your short- as well as long-term goals clearly in focus.

Your overall taxation concept – smartly planned and invested

Aside from the legal requirements for the success of your construction project, your tax options also have a long-term effect on its sustained profitability. Whether selecting the right form of corporate entity, investing your revenues or transferring ownership, we ensure that you are able to realize your goals under the best possible conditions.

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