The best-possible quality doesn’t only mean best construction quality, which is a prerequisite in all we do. Best-possible quality also means that we support our customers in all areas. Only in this way are we able to catch and prevent potential error sources, so that customers can count on the guaranteed handover date at the originally stipulated price.

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The added benefits for achieving your goals

How Recon Group and its products stand out across the board.

Thanks to the overall concept of Recon Group, your real estate project will become a worry-free, quality-committed experience. With proven experience, flexible approaches and a clear eye for your future-focused perspectives, we design your project schedule so that it runs smoothly and meets all goals. We guarantee your project will be completed on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

With our optional all-in solution, you also receive a comprehensive overview of all ongoing project processes, leaving nothing to chance. We will take care of all essential tasks on your behalf – from financing as well as taxation and legal issues, to potential leasing or sale.

We turn your ideas into reality.

Together with you, we turn your ideas into reality, implementing your visions with our know-how and total focus. From a comfy private home where your family feels completely at ease, to a spacious villa catering to your every wish. From refined winter garden to sophisticated hotel property.


Let us create something unique together.

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