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Hotel Post becomes an absolute architectural jewel

Construction company from St. Michael puts €6 million into renovations inside ancient walls.

In Roman times, this was a checkpoint. The Emperor once sat in the rooms of the Ronacher family’s Hotel Post. One room is dedicated to a French artist. This house has many tales to tell, with architecture that never fails to excite its new owners.

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Hüttau Sledding Club

Hüttau Sledding Club!

This year, for the first time, Noah is in the Youth A Division (ages 14 to 18). This season is going to be very tough for Noah, since he will be going head-to-head with lads who are as much as four years older than him. Add to that the fact that his new sled will weigh 25 kg.

We wish Noah, Gloria, Jonas & the entire team a successful season!

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Gemeindenachrichten St. Michael im Lungau

St. Michael in your jacket pocket!

Now, the village of St. Michael is also available via app. Concise – quick – smart!

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Advent Market St. Martin

Dedicated to helping children!

Charity is what it's all about. Half of the revenues generated by this Advent market, organized by the Oppeneiger family, will benefit local children. The other half will be donated to "Recon Event of Solidarity". For 10 years now, the latter event has been supporting children's cancer charities.

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Education Week

Education Week concludes with a community info evening!

The week also concluded with an official celebration as well as introduction of the new St. Michael App.

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