Your General Contractor

Whether a picture-perfect small home of your own or a splendid luxury villa, a comfortable winter garden or a complete hotel facility: We identify with your vision and implement your project true to your wishes.

The RECONGROUP overall concept encompasses all steps necessary for a worry-free and high-quality building process. With our know-how, flexibility and keen eye for timely progress, we guarantee you totally disruption-free construction, on-time completion and a firm price as a matter of course.

Furthermore, we provide you with professional assistance in your search for real estate that best meets your needs.

Our Services at a Glance

Private Home Construction

We are happy to take charge of projects of all sizes. From winter-garden additions to construction of single- and multi-family homes, apartment buildings, as well as luxury chalets and villas in the suburbs: Choose us as your partner!

Business & Industry

Whether an office building or commercial premises, a workshop or manufacturing plant: As a general contractor, we are flexible and possess expertise in all fields of commercial and industrial construction.

Building Construction & Civil Engineering

We bring competence and experience tailored to all aspects of your construction process. Construction of the highest quality, with a sense of responsibility towards the environment as well as future generations, is the foundation and philosophy for all we do.

Project Development

We invite property owners, investors and project developers to sit at the same table. Because goals must be defined collaboratively, and expectations measured against value retention and returns on investment.

Real Estate

The look and functionality of your potential property must meet your personal expectations completely. This is why we evaluate the best solution for your requirements when it comes to geographic location, functionality and infrastructure, as well as your personal interests in general.


Want to invest your savings and keep risk to a minimum? In our real estate pool, we feature an excellent selection of properties, from second apartments as an additional source of income, to holiday properties as an investment, to lucrative hotel projects.

Betriebsurlaub (Kopie)


Liebe Kunden, Geschäftspartner und Freunde,

wir sind ab 14.12.2018 bis einschließlich 14.01.2019 auf Betriebsurlaub. Wir wünschen ihnen und ihrer Familie eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und ein gesundes neues Jahr!

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Rodelverein Hüttau (Kopie)

Rodelverein Hüttau!

Noah ist heuer das erste Jahr in der Klasse - Jugend A (14 bis 18 Jahre), dies wird eine sehr schwierige Saison für Noah, der sich mit vier Jahren älteren Burschen messen muss und das ganz noch mit einer neuen Rodel die 25kg. wiegt.

Wir wünschen Noah, Gloria, Jonas & dem gesamten Team eine erfolgreiche Saison!

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Adventmartk St. Martin (Kopie)

Im Zeichen der Hilfe für Kinder!

Dabei steht der Charity Gedanke im Vordergrund. Mit der Hälfte der Einnahmen hilft der Seeadvent, mit den Organisatoren Familie Oppeneiger, Kindern vor Ort. Die andere Hälfte läuft zur "Recon Event of Solidarity". Zweitere unterstützen bereits seit 10 Jahren mit ihrem Event die Kinderkrebshilfe.

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