What and whom do we sponsor?

As a Salzburg-based company, we mainly put our support behind regional activities – both in the social as well as the sports sector. Especially when it comes to promoting the endeavors of up-and-coming athletes, we embrace our responsibility with total enthusiasm.

Hüttau Sledding Club

Hüttau Sledding Club!

This year, for the first time, Noah is in the Youth A Division (ages 14 to 18). This season is going to be very tough for Noah, since he will be going head-to-head with lads who are as much as four years older than him. Add to that the fact that his new sled will weigh 25 kg.

We wish Noah, Gloria, Jonas & the entire team a successful season!

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Rising Sledding Stars

Our up-and-coming sledding stars will be sporting new uniforms this winter. We wish our two rookies a very successful sledding season!

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Sledding Stronghold Hüttau

On Friday, November 9, at Gasthof Post, the conversation turned to Hüttau as a stronghold for sledding. Speakers included talented young sledders like Noah Kallan (photo) as well as pioneers of the former World Championship sled run along with world champions Gerald Kallan and Rupert Brüggler.

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Graduation Newspaper HLW Murau

Dear Graduates of HLW Murau, We wish you lots of success in future and congratulate you on your very well done graduation newspaper.

We were proud to sponsor you!


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Pöham Theater Group

Every year or so, the Pöham Theater Group, under the direction of Andreas Holzmann, puts on a play. We are pleased to have been cosponsors of this event from the very beginning.

The title of this year’s comedy was: "Schräge Vögel fliegen nicht!"

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